Alessandra Ambrosio – EDITORIAL – #LOVE 11 S/S 14

Alessandra Ambrosio joins David Armstrong and Panos Yiapanis for LOVE magazines 11th issue – Spring/Summer 2014

“Panos Yiapanis has reinvented Alessandra Ambrosio by dyeing her hair black, bleaching her eyebrows and dressing her in covered-up gothic style, even wearing a mask in one picture”, Katie Grand told The Telegraph. “The final irony came when we shot her on Miami Beach – a habitat I’m sure she’s used to, and where no doubt she’s been shot many a time for Victoria’s Secret, but never looking quite like this. Which just goes to show that you can operate well outside your comfort zone even when you’re on familiar territory.”

Alessandra Ambrosio LOVE

Alessandra Ambrosio LOVE (1) Alessandra Ambrosio LOVE (2)

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