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Quick Fire Questions — Polly Furnival

Polly Furnival 8

How were you discovered?

I was 15 and in a pub (naughty) in my small northern home town watching my boyfriend at the time in his band, I was approached by an agent who set up a meeting at Industry People in Manchester for the following day.

What did you want to be growing up?

Ballet was my forte and I was a scholar at the renowned Louise Brown Scholarship Centre in York. I wanted to be a Prima ballerina but in my medical at the Royal Ballet they found my hips were not level which meant I wasn’t eligible for the funding I needed to attend. But everything happens for a reason and I know ballerinas bodies are crippled by 30 through the gruelling training. Everything has worked out for the better in the end!

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Do you remember your first ever job?

Haha yes! It was for the J.D sports Christmas campaign and it was shot in a nightclub in Manchester. I had to wear offensively shiny trousers and a feather boa-I thought It was the height of cool.

What kind of work have you done since?

I’ve done all sorts under the hair/beauty, lingerie and TV commercial umbrella with shoots for Vo5, Hyundai, Lancôme, Remmington, Tresseme, Aston Martin and Virgin to reel off a few. I’ve also worked with high street brands like Marks & Spencers and John Lewis. My editorials have included 125, Cosmopolitan, Dazed and Confused and Elle and a handful of acting jobs which is what I hopefully will end up doing.

My biggest so far was playing Chris Hemsworths girlfriend in Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’…that was pretty fun!

What is your favourite job to date?

Argh HARDEST question ever!!! One that was (literally) a blast was a beauty shoot with Rankin where blue powder paint was fired at me out of a canon type contraption. A very well known premiership football player was in the same studio getting red paint fired at him for a sports campaign and he was crying like a baby because it hurt… I told him to man up! Ha

How’s LA? What have you been working on?

LA is amazing! It is sunshine and palm trees every day. We have a great group of friends there and feel so lucky to be (as cheesy as it sounds) living the American dream. I have been busy working away with various clients. I did a Lancôme fragrance commercial with Julia Roberts which was really cool, she is the most beautiful person I have ever met! And then hilariously with RunDMC for a Lincoln car spot… he is a funny guy!

Which director would you love to work with?

Working with Ron Howard was so inspiring, he is a such a lovely man and was so complimentary on my acting ability which is always nice to hear… If he fancies casting me in something again I would be down for that haha!

I would also LOVE to work with Quentin Tarantino..all of his work is so crazy and I think I could rock swinging a bloody machete round whilst doing back flips.

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If you could play any character who would you pick?

Again…SO hard!!! It’s always been my ultimate goal to be a Bond girl, sexy, strong and a tad evil-starring alongside Daniel Craig wouldn’t be too bad either! Although I just watched Gone Girl and I think Rosamund Pikes character Amy Elliot-Dunne would be incredible to play. I ‘ve taken a couple of scenes to work on in my acting class when I get back home!

Bond girl

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Still happily married living in LA, taking a little break in-between my busy filming schedule to have my second child. Please!

How does LA compare to London?

Apart from the obvious (weather, food, service, outdoorsy lifestyle) the people are much more laid back, it’s not all running around at a million miles an hour like in London and the fashion is TERRIBLE-on a day to day basis it’s very sloppy and casual which took me a LONG time to get used to seeing.

What do you miss the most about England?

My bookers at Models 1 of course! You guys are the best and I miss annoying you all daily. Apart from that I miss sausages from Sainsburys and cottage cheese with pineapple in…random but true.

We have 24 hours in LA… Where would you take us?

Well flights usually get in late afternoon so I would pick you up from the airport and head straight down to the beach (with the roof down on the car) to the Hotel Erwin for cocktails and to watch the sun set from the rooftop bar. We would then head over to my favourite new restaurant which is an Asian/fusion place in Mar Vista called Fin for some delicious fresh sushi and spicy margaritas.

For the night time we would stick to the Westside and go to Bungalow and dance to classics whilst playing ping pong on the amazing outdoor deck.


When we’re ping ponged out I would drag your jet lagged ass to Harvelles which is a dirty, grimy dive bar that plays live blues music as the back drop to burlesque dancers and is open until the early hours.

In the morning I would drop you off for a full body Thai massage whilst I go and take my pooch Moose to the dog park. I’d pick you up and go to Toast on 3rd street for brunch and then a spot of shopping at the Grove.

Finally a trip up to the observatory at Griffith park for the most incredible views of the city before heading back to LAX to catch a flight home. Phew!

Polly Furnival 4

What’s your skin care routine?

My routine changes week to week depending on lots of factors. I ALWAYS remove my makeup before bed (however late it is) and 3 times a week I will use the glycolic acid treatment liquid gold from Alpha H which has saved me from many a breakout! Living in the sunshine I’m a real stickler for SPF and will not leave the house unless I have at least factor 45 on my face and neck and a full bottle of water to keep my skin hydrated.

What is your ‘keep fit’ routine?

I have always been very active and feel really slow and heavy if I don’t work out for a while. It’s easier to be active at home in LA because the weather is so nice so I often go on long hikes with my dog or go surfing with my husband at the beach. I’m a member of a gym and I will go 3/4 times a week and either do a spin class or cardio. I also love go to an outdoor Pilates or yoga class which are on the beach and I can enjoy the surroundings. It never feels as much of a strain that way!

Polly Furnival 10

Best advice you’ve been given as a model?

The best advice I was given is quite boring…keep on top of your taxes and receipts!

As soon as you start earning money go and make yourself self employed and every month keep your receipts for expenses (travel, clothes, gym etc) and put them in an envelope and write on the front what is in there and what date, every year the dreaded tax return has to be filed and there is nothing worse than crying into a suitcase of faded bits of paper trying to work out what is on it!!!

Whats on your playlist right now?

Marvin Gaye, always Marvin Gaye…forever Marvin Gaye.

marvin gaye

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